The Fake Sheikh

The Fake Sheikh

Absorbing interviewees, enthralling visuals, and an unbelievably true story make this docuseries just as gripping as any thriller out there


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Mahmood’s deeds were unethical, but you can’t help but be impressed by how he (nearly) got away with it all.

What it's about

This three-part docuseries examines the elusive Mazher Mahmood, a British tabloid journalist who disguised himself as a sheik and orchestrated high-profile investigations, many of which turned into convictions.

The take

Mazher Mahmood’s true story is so rich, improbable, and dramatic, that it almost seems like a movie. It’s certainly edited like one. The Fake Sheikh is filled with quotable one-liners and thrilling reenactments, and at the center of it all is the compelling anti-hero, Mahmood. Director Ceri Isfryn does a commendable job of balancing the facts about her controversial subject, interviewing both Mahmood’s champions and critics, colleagues and victims, while also interweaving narratives of race and class into his story. After all, this is a man who was initially denied the chance to cover anything other than race and immigration, and so he carved his own (warped) path as a celebrity journalist. There are times when it seems like Isfryn tips the scales a bit to favor Mahmood, but it all falls in line with her movie narrative. The Fake Sheikh is just as enthralling as any good fictional thriller out there.

What stands out

It’s intriguing how, after all that he’s been through, Mahmood still remains in hiding and still limits his footprint in the world. The docuseries can only reuse the same blurred photograph of Mahmood before it starts to feel repetitive, hence the reenactments. But this just begs the question, is Mahmood still out there pretending to be the Sheikh? Does he have other characters and disguises he slips into? For what? That in itself is a mystery worth exploring.

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