Tour de France: Unchained

Tour de France: Unchained



An intense, behind-the-scenes look of France’s iconic cycling race


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France, United Kingdom
English, French

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The show is fantastic for cycling fans, but keep in mind that the drama is slightly exaggerated.

What it's about

Twenty-two cycling teams rush to win the world’s biggest road cycling race - the Tour de France.

The take

Tour de France: Unchained is an intense sports docuseries depicting the ins and outs of the prominent cycling race. While cycling is an individual activity, Tour de France is structured to be a team sport — usually comprising around 20 teams with eight riders each. The first season depicts the 2022 run from Copenhagen to Champs-Élysées, the comeback after the pandemic, with players looking to defeat two-time defending champion Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates). If you're up to date with cycling news, you'll know how this one ends. However, it's still a worthwhile watch, as the show goes behind the scenes to witness the team dynamics, the severe falls, and the steep challenges. With this in mind, Tour de France is very watchable, especially for fans of the sport.

What stands out

While this show depicts real-life events, Tour de France: Unchained takes part of its approach from the sports drama genre. The show goes in-depth with 8 of the 22 teams in the 2022 run. Depicting some of the dynamics between the team members in and out of the trail, the show witnesses the highs and lows of each team. It witnesses their dreams and aspirations, as well as the hardships ahead of them. While some stars like Pogačar haven’t taken part in the series and some like Wout van Aert aren’t happy with how they’re depicted, the docuseries has an unparalleled view of the race, giving us access to parts no one but the bikers have seen previously. Tour de France: Unchained helps viewers understand and empathize with the players and the struggles they go through for the tour.

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