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Still Walking 2008 / From Japan's most celebrated director, Hirokazu Kore-eda

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From the director of Shoplifters, Still Walking is a quiet movie about 24 hours in the life of a family gathering to remember the passing of a son. At the center of the story is the father, an emotionally distant man who commands respect both from his family and community. Opposite from him is the black sheep, the other son, who strives for his father’s validation. This dynamic is one of many depicted in this slice-of-life movie about how families deal with loss. It might seem like little is happening during the first stages, but the realism and subtlety with which the story is handled will gradually suck you into the beautiful atmosphere of Still Walking. And however distant the culture or setting in Japan may seem, you’re bound to recognize either yourself or your family in this movie.

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The is another of those movies where nothing actually happens in terms of plot. But whats comes out the best is the emotion and performances that comes out of the characters. It is a story about a family and smallissues of any other family. Must watch for drama lovers especially Japnese dramas.


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