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Suggest introduces back to the world amazing but overlooked titles: good movies and shows that went unnoticed and which users will love discovering. Many of our suggestions come from users like you.

We have a tradition of reviews that sound like a friend telling you about the great movie they just watched. This means that we try to give a general “feel” of the film, avoiding excessive synopsis descriptions, talk about actors & directors, etc.

Here you can carry on with that tradition and tell the world about a movie or show you love too. Movie suggestions should preferably meet the following conditions:

1-The movie / show should have been released after Thriller (1982). If Billie Jean was not a thing when the movie was released, then that’s a bit too old for our tastes.

2-At least a 7 rating on IMDb and 70% on Rotten Tomatoes. There’s some wiggle room for this, but remember, we’re looking for good things and not so-bad-they’re-good things.

3- Movies should not be well-known (relatively). Everyone’s seen Ghostbusters. Share something that’ll surprise us.

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