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The Farewell 2019 / Awkwafina's tour de force

Best Film

The true story of a grandma who gets diagnosed with a fatal disease and her family who keeps that information from her. They organize a fake wedding in China where she lives to say goodbye (hence the title).

Rapper Awkwafina is incredible as the granddaughter at the center of the story. Living in New York and having a complicated relationship with China, she embodies the cultural question at the center of the story: is it OK not to tell the grandma? But also: can a wedding that’s really a funeral to everyone but one person be held without that person’s suspicion?

The best thing about The Farewell, and it’s mostly thanks to Awkwafina’s performance, is that it’s never melodramatic. It’s technically a comedy, it’s often funny, and when it’s sad, it’s heartfelt.

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This is just a gorgeous film, and what a nice twist at the end! I never knew how important traditions are as an American with no family. This one has my heart!


I think it’s more dark comedy than drama, but the story is very good and I love the way it portrayed the traditions of China.


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    Depressing, Emotional, Inspiring
  • Starring

    Awkwafina, Shuzhen Zhao, X Mayo
  • Directed by

    Lulu Wang
  • Written by

    Lulu Wang
  • Runtime

    98 minutes
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