Ustaad (2023)

Ustaad (2023)

A nostalgic Telugu coming-of-age drama that struggles to keep its engine running



Action, Comedy, Romance
Anu Hasan, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Kavya Kalyanram

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What it's about

Co-pilot Surya Sivakumar is assigned for former mentor and tough captain Joseph D’Souza’s last ever flight. Through this flight, Surya tells the captain his story about his first motorbike, and how he learned how to overcome his fear of heights.

The take

With whole franchises dedicated to cars and motorcycles, cinema has often regarded these individually-piloted machines as intrinsically linked with masculinity. Ustaad is the latest Telugu love letter to motorcycles and planes, as these have shaped protagonist Surya Sivakumar’s life. In debut writer-director Phanideep’s hands, Surya’s journey to becoming a commercial airline pilot is a long one, as Ustaad details Surya’s first motorbike, first romantic relationship, and the way he overcame his fear of heights. It’s a fun drive, and there’s plenty of moments where Phanideep’s style feels free and unrestrained. However, it’s a drive that takes too long, with predictable beats that have been seen before.

What stands out

Ustaad feels too long because it tackles two stories. The first half is dedicated exclusively to Surya and his bike, while the second is his journey to becoming a pilot. However, what makes this film watchable is how in awe Phanideep seems to feel about motorcycles in general. The very first scene of Surya’s motorcycle feels like Surya has met the love of his life, with wind fans blowing dust off metal, and the rain slowly falling onto the chrome, as he pulls away the tarp covering the bike. The film easily excuses it as a random rainstorm, but the treatment feels very familiar. In another life, Phanideep must have been a bike commercial director, because the way these vehicles are portrayed makes me want to buy one.

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