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Beautiful Thing 1996 / Available On Streaming Rental


A sweet and wholesome tale of two boys falling in love against the backdrop of 90s homophobia and social issues. Jamie is a heavily bullied high schooler whose only sanctuary is his family’s low-income apartment. His mom Sandra decides to also make that apartment a sanctuary for Ste, another highschooler suffering from an abusive father and older brother. They share Jamie’s bed and their prospect of friendship quickly turns into something else.

Beautiful Thing is beautifully scripted and never too emotional. In fact, whenever the story moves towards the emotional, a funny scene is introduced to ease the tension. Many of these scenes feature Sandra’s boyfriend, a well-spoken hippie by the name of Tony. Features heavy British accents, subtitles may be necessary!

Written By: Jean

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This is an excellent love story. While at university in 1996, it gave me hope that I would find love – and I did. It’s a timeless story – as relevant today as it was 23 years ago. Unfortunately, it is not available for digital rental at Amazon as agoodmovetowatch reports. One may purchase a DVD, however.


This is possibly the most beautiful gay love story out there. I loved it from beginning to end. The story is not only beautiful but believable from start to finish.


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  • Starring

    Glen Berry, Linda Henry, Scott Neal
  • Directed by

    Hettie Macdonald
  • Written by

    Jonathan Harvey
  • Runtime

    91 minutes
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