Bird Box Barcelona (2023)

Bird Box Barcelona (2023)

A repetitive horror spin-off that doesn't deliver on the promise of its characters' unique perspectives



Spain, United States of America
English, German, Spanish
Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Alejandra Howard, Celia Freijeiro, Diego Calva
124 min


Like playing Among Us on an international server, but nowhere near as insane.

What it's about

A new group of survivors, this time in Barcelona, tries to survive the same entities that compel people to kill themselves—while one among the group secretly plots to sacrifice the others.

The take

Despite an engaging opening that promises to deepen the world already established in 2018's Bird Box, this new installment slips back into the usual routine before long. That is: cheap thrills and an overall lack of scares, not necessarily because of the fact that the creatures terrorizing this world are invisible, but because the film doesn't take advantage of the fear and paranoia that builds among the human characters. A stronger focus on religious belief (or simply blind fanaticism) should lead to more interesting character dynamics, but there isn't a single person here who's defined by anything beyond a few base traits. So despite the efforts of a game cast (including Babylon's Diego Calva and especially Barbarian's Georgina Campbell), the film just can't overcome how boring it is to watch blindfolded people reacting to nothing.

What stands out

It isn't a spoiler to say that Georgina Campbell's Claire—an English woman who gets stranded in Barcelona when the entities attack—isn't the protagonist, but she probably should've been. Campbell already proved how well she works within the horror genre through last year's surprise horror hit Barbarian, and her work in Bird Box Barcelona also helps elevate the film to another level of urgency. So it's a shame that the movie gives her (and the rest of the cast) so little to do. Actual lead actor Mario Casas puts in strong work as well, but it's Campbell who you really end up rooting for.


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