Max + B/R Sports Explained: What’s Included

When Bleacher Report's streaming service B/R Live folded in 2021, few had hope that it would get back in the streaming game. Bet get back it did, although this time, as a paid add-on in Max, which makes sense. Both Max and B/R are owned by Warner Bros., and what better way to entice even more subscribers to the relatively pricey Max than by tacking live sports on it? Even more enticing is the fact that since the fall of last year, B/R Sports has been available to all Max users at no additional cost. It's a sweet deal, but it comes with a lot of questions, like, when will the free inclusion end? What happens when it does? And is B/R Sports really worth it? We break down everything you need to know below.


  • Price: Free for a limited time only, then at least $19.98/month ($9.99 for B/R + $9.99 for Max's ad-supported plan) when the promo ends.
  • Channels: TNT, TBS, and TruTV
  • How to sign up: You can only sign up for B/R via the Max website or app.

How much is Max + B/R Sports?

As of this writing, B/R Sports comes at no additional cost to all Max subscribers, so you'd only have to pay for the usual Max prices, which come in three tiers. Max with ads costs $9.99, Max without ads $15.99, and Max Ultimate $19.99 per month. When the promo ends, B/R Sports is back to being priced at $9.99, which means the bundle can cost you either $19.98, $25.98, or $29.8 per month.

How do you get it?

If you have a Max subscription, then B/R Sports already comes with it. Simply hover to the sports section, if it's not showing up on your homepage already. You can sign up for Max either on its official website or app, or via third-party providers like YouTube TV and Amazon Prime.

Can I get B/R Sports without Max?

No. You need a Max subscription to get B/R since it's not a standalone service. It used to be, back when it was called B/R Live, but ever since the decision-makers over at Warner Bros. decided to fold it into Max, it's now only available as an add-on.

When does the free inclusion of B/R Sports end?

No one really knows, but our guess would be later this year, when Warner Bros. launches its joint sports streaming service with Fox and ESPN. Free access to B/R Sports began in 2023 and was scheduled to end by February 2024, but due to "technical difficulties," Warner Bros. has since decided to make B/R Sports free for Max subscribers seemingly indefinitely.

What channels does B/R Sports have?

B/R Sports has all the Turner Sports channels, including TBS, TNT, and TruTV. Though it doesn't have a 24/7 live feed of them, it features live matches and other select content from these channels.

What leagues does it cover?

It has the NBA and NHL care of TNT and MLB care of TBS. It also has rights to air March Madness (men's college basketball) and US Soccer events. What it doesn't have is the NFL.

Where else can I watch TNT, TBS, and TruTV?

Pretty much every other live TV streaming service carries those channels, but even on Max's costliest tier, Max + B/R Sports is still the cheapest way to watch all three. It's followed by Sling TV at $40/month. Funnily enough, the sports-oriented Fubo carries neither of these channels since it doesn't have access to Turner content, but it still covers many leagues and events, including some of the ones mentioned above. If you really wanna look into it, we have published articles on where to watch TNT, TBS, and TruTV without cable.

What if I have Max as an add-on? Can I still get B/R Sports if I purchased Max from YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, or Hulu?

Yes, you can still get B/R Sports for free if you signed up for Max on a third-party app. Just make sure you link your Max account with the third-party app, which you can do when you select "sign in with a provider" when logging on to the Max website or app. In most cases, you'll only be able to watch B/R Sports on the Max site or app, not on the third-party app, so make sure you don't forget to link them.
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