Detachment (2012)

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A very poetic film by Tony Kaye (American History X) about an English Literature teacher (Adrien Brody – “The Pianist”) who only works as a substitute in schools which are located in very poor urban areas. The reason behind his choice is that he doesn’t want to bond too much with his students and colleagues because he is trying to control his dark emotions about life and the triviality of our existences (although it sounds depressing it is absolutely not). He also takes care of his last family connection, his grandfather, to whom he is very close and who lives in an elderly home. Unsurprisingly, their relationship is very emotional and deep. Every time you think about your existence, your place in the world, your interactions with other people;¬†watch Detachment.

Review by Andreas Eustathopoulos.

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Detachment was a decent film but I do not believe it should be categorized as a best film [BF]. Adrien Brody is excellent but still similar to his other film roles. In my opinion, there was nothing that separated this film to being a best film. I did enjoy the film and I thought the ending was perfect but still nothing special that stood out to me.


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