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Four Lions 2010 / Now On Kanopy

Anass Boudiga

Four Lions is as black and as dark as a movie can ever get, mixing cultural relevancy with humor and ridiculousness. It is insensitive to Islam, insensitive to terrorism and insensitive to the viewer. But it is hilarious. The director spent three years talking to Imams, terrorism experts and basically everyone. The result? A legit 97 minutes that will dazzle even extremists with its knowledge of Islam and the accuracy of its lines. Needless to say that it will upset quite a few people, but that is always a good sign for black comedy movies, right?



A British Classic. Ask anyone under 30 in the UK what they think of this film and they will say its one of the best film they’ve watched, if not the best. Lines from this film can be heard in university halls up and down Britain and it gives a great insight into general life in Britain; especially into young British Muslim lives . It will bring genuine tears of laughter if you have a base knowledge of British and British Asian Culture. Timeless classic and brings back fond memories of watching it for the first time P.S Best Benedict… Read more »

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