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I Hate Suzie

I Hate Suzie
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A black comedy with an aggressively bleak view of its own protagonist, this story of a celebrity’s life falling apart starts off funny and gradually becomes more and more difficult to watch. As the titular character scrambles to keep each part of her life afloat, her sense of self begins to fracture as well—emphasizing how our lives are defined by the responsibilities we have over others and ourselves. Billie Piper is extraordinary in the lead role, spiraling further down in ways that are truly haunting, and Leila Farzad balances her out perfectly as Suzie’s unapologetic, type A manager.

If the show’s first season is impressive enough with its unpredictable mix of styles and stern drama, season two—which only consists of three episodes—ratchets up the tension even more, playing out like an extended anxiety attack backstage at a reality show. Think Uncut Gems but with lots of dancing. For the boldness of its direction alone, I Hate Suzie doesn’t serve to just fly under the radar.

1. You can watch I Hate Suzie on MAX

 $9.99 per month
Device availability:
 Airplay supported, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung TV, Xbox

Formerly HBO Max, Max is a subscription-based on-demand platform that is only available in the US. New subscribers can choose from three monthly tiers ranging from $9.99 (with ads) to $16.99 (no ads) to $20.99 (no ads, plus more concurrent streams, downloads, and 4K streaming). An annual subscription option is also available.

When you subscribe, you’ll get HBO’s world-class exclusives, such as The Wire and Game of Thrones but Max also functions as a bundle: you’ll get content from Discovery, DC, Criterion Collection, Looney Tunes, Studio Ghibli, Turner Classic Movies, and Crunchyroll. And as of September 2023, you will also get a live stream of CNN.

Most mobile devices that can stream video support Max, although there is yet no app for Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices.

Is I Hate Suzie available on netflix

No I Hate Suzie is not currently streaming on netflix

Is I Hate Suzie available on amazon prime
amazon prime

No I Hate Suzie is not currently streaming on amazon prime

Is I Hate Suzie available on hulu

No I Hate Suzie is not currently streaming on hulu

Is I Hate Suzie available on paramount plus
paramount plus

No I Hate Suzie is not currently streaming on paramount plus

Is I Hate Suzie available on disneyplus

No I Hate Suzie is not currently streaming on disneyplus

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