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Scarecrow (2015)

Scarecrow (2015)
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Made with the modesty and authenticity of modern indie cinema from the Philippine regions, Scarecrow (or in the Ilocano language, Bambanti) uses the disappearance of a watch to paint a vivid picture of faith and judgment in a small town. There is no formal legal investigation into this supposed theft; what guides these characters instead are an unwavering belief in religion and folk traditions, and long-repressed resentment toward those who choose to disturb the peace. It quickly becomes evident that this witch hunt targeting a single mother (an incredible Alessandra de Rossi) and her son is about something else entirely—unresolved grief, economic struggle, and the fear and prejudice that the middle class can still harbor towards the least privileged among us.

1. You can watch Scarecrow (2015) on VUDU

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Vudu is an on-demand streaming service that allows users to rent or purchase more than 200,000 new releases. Founded in 2007, it’s one of the first companies to offer digital films in HD. Vudu’s main strength is its ease of access and jam-packed catalog of movies and TV shows, but it also boasts free content, which they run on ads. In 2020, media and ticketing firm Fandango acquired Vudu and merged both companies’ streamers into one. They decided to keep the Vudu name because of its large and loyal customer base. 

Is Scarecrow (2015) available on netflix

No Scarecrow (2015) is not currently streaming on netflix

Is Scarecrow (2015) available on amazon prime
amazon prime

No Scarecrow (2015) is not currently streaming on amazon prime

Is Scarecrow (2015) available on hulu

No Scarecrow (2015) is not currently streaming on hulu

Is Scarecrow (2015) available on paramount plus
paramount plus

No Scarecrow (2015) is not currently streaming on paramount plus

Is Scarecrow (2015) available on disneyplus

No Scarecrow (2015) is not currently streaming on disneyplus

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