I Origins (2014)



United States of America
Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Ako, Archie Panjabi, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey
106 min

What it's about

A molecular biologist's study of the human eye has far-reaching implications about humanity's scientific and spiritual beliefs.

The take

This is a complex yet wonderful sci-fi about a skeptical biologist who is fascinated by the human eye and its uniqueness. The cast is wonderfully chosen and the dialogues are impressive. But what really sets it apart is the underlying romance that it features. I would strongly recommend this film to those who enjoy intriguing debates between science and religion, and in equal measure not recommend it to anyone who wouldn't be open to skepticism towards both religion or science.


Man I feel the same way, loved the movie. Had me thinking about it for days afterwards.. But I’ll also probably never watch it again

I loved this film, it is hard to put into details why I loved it. But I can say so much, that it made me feel complete after I watched it. I will probably never see it again, because it was so beautiful.

The movie is highly thought-provoking, since it triggers you to consider both spiritual and scientific worlds, and how the line between them can be really thin after all. There are a few provocative and interesting dialogues that makes you think about complexity of the world, humanity, religion, science and love. The movie is beautifully shot (especially all the eyes, you’ll see why and how), somehow different from other American movies. Also ‘I Origins’ contains beautiful soundtrack during the movie and quite memorable acting. If you’d like to watch a movie with group of people, ‘I Origins’ would do, because after a movie, there’s high possibility for a discussion to develop, especially between intelligent people with different beliefs about religion and science. I wouldn’t like to give anything more about the movie – you should just experience it yourself!

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