Infinity Pool (2023)

Infinity Pool (2023)

A surreal horrific beach vacation made possible by nepotistic wealth and state-sponsored hedonism



Canada, France
Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Alexander Skarsgård, Amanda Brugel, Amar Bukvić
118 min


Okay, but if a country’s technology is advanced enough to have THAT level of cloning, surely they could expand into other industries to become a rich country?

What it's about

Struggling writer James and his wealthy wife Em decide to travel to the fictional island of La Tolqa for inspiration. Guided by the mysterious Gabi, they delve into the island’s culture of eye-for-eye violence and state-sponsored hedonism.

The take

Surreal, off-putting, and extremely disturbing, Infinity Pool plays with the concepts of cloning and the death penalty to craft an examination on colonial tourism. It’s a thematically rich horror film, with hazy neon-lit sex scenes and absolutely terrible behavior, enabled by their wealth and advanced technology that could have been put to better use. Mia Goth, in particular, is strikingly unhinged, as Gabi taunts and lures James into bigger and more terrible crimes, crimes that he can only pay off with the wealth of his father-in-law. And Alexander Skarsgård as James believably gets sucked into this extremely libertine lifestyle, fuelled by the nepotistic anxiety of not living up to his own potential. The film presents a scary notion that pushed by wealth and playground tactics, one will willingly kill their own conscience, again and again, to belong to their cohort.

What stands out

The entire concept of Infinity Pool is so fascinating, that it stands out from the other anti-rich media that’s been popping up recently. Unlike Knives Out, Triangle of Sadness, and the White Lotus, Infinity Pool’s premise isn’t possible (for now), so writer-director Brandon Cronenburg can write his cast of characters can reach more extreme depravities than the satiric yet slightly playful antics of the rich, while still maintaining some distance from reality. The science fiction allows the film to take a more visceral and surreal experience, which may turn off some viewers, if unprepared.


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