Love Is in the Air (2023)

Love Is in the Air (2023)



It’s even more cliched and implausible than most standard-issue romantic comedies, but this Aussie film is not without its charms



Comedy, Drama, Romance
Craig Walker, Delta Goodrem, Hugh Parker
88 min

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The guy gains the perfect tan after a single day in the tropics and the girl’s layers-thick makeup doesn’t budge after hours of running around and flying—that’s how unrealistically perfect these people, and this movie, are.

What it's about

Will (Joshua Sasse) is sent all the way from London to the tropics of Australia to shut down a flailing seaplane business owned by Dana (Delta Goodrem) and her family, but what starts as a testy relationship soon blossoms into a sweet affair as the two fall for each other.

The take

Beat for beat, word for word, Love is in the Air moves just like any other romantic comedy. Within that genre, it slots easily into the category of romcoms that follow a city guy who falls in love with a country girl, eventually learning and preferring the ways of small-town living. But Love in Air is even more improbable than usual because of how eerily perfect the two leads are. Goodrem, in particular, is always manicured to perfection, which makes her role as a down-to-earth no-nonsense go-getter very hard to believe. Still, the movie isn’t entirely unwatchable. There are pockets of humor to be found, and the stunning visuals almost make it worth the watch. Almost.  

What stands out

Dana may be against tourists using her beloved seaplane for mere profit, but this movie is a pretty effective ad for visiting the land down under. Shot in 8k, on location on the coast of Queensland, the movie is gorgeous, vibrant, and inviting. If anything, Love is in the Air works as a perfect tourism ad. Bad news for Dana, but good news for the Australian economy. 

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