Millennial Hunter (2023)

Millennial Hunter (2023)

A bizarre attempt at comedy, satire, and stretching a TikTok skit to 70 minutes



United States of America
Action, Animation, Comedy
Carmen Christopher, Chris Parnell, Eudora Peterson


The movie started buffering during the final 15 minutes and I'm convinced it knew I was a millennial.

What it's about

Millennial Hunter is an animated dark comedy about a 60-year-old man who becomes a vigilante serial killer targeting millennials after his wife is killed by one.

The take

Satire or not, 70 minutes of jokes about demographic cohorts is a lot to sit through. But if it is satire, it only leans into exaggeration. There is no irony or humor, and there's definitely no commentary on anything substantial. And a boomer dad going on a millennial killing spree would only be a funny premise for a 5-minute short, which this film, unfortunately, isn't. And although it's set in the modern day, the generalizations and jokes feel tired, dated, and uninspiring. Yes, there's inter-generation beef, and some of it is ridiculous, but a little commentary on why the divides exist would have made up for the lack of chuckles and saved us all some time.

What stands out

In an effort to continue to “villanize” millennials (and justify killing them?), the creators decide to include Chloe, the singular Gen Z character. They write her as a caricature that embodies that generation, but she only complains about how cringe millennials are and the Harry Potter class she had to take because of them. But between her stock retorts and other characters hating Instagrammable walls and avocado toast, the charade became exhausting to watch. Maybe this would’ve done better as a Vine.


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