Kerine Wint

Kerine Wint is a curator at A Good Movie to Watch. When she’s not absorbed in anime and weird docu-series, she reviews speculative fiction for Fiyah Lit Magazine or designs album covers and magazines. As for her film taste, One Cut of the Dead (2017), The Lure (2015), Inu-Oh (2021), and Dear Ex (2018) sum it up pretty well.

My reviews

Door Mouse (2023)


A neo-noir with a grunge comic style that almost hits its crime thriller mark

Killer Book Club (2023)


A unimaginative Spanish slasher with all the bells and whistles from its much better predecessors

Who Is Erin Carter?


A run-of-the-mill, on-the-run action thriller that'll appeal to fans of the genre

Trap Jazz (2023)


A vulnerable documentary celebrating Black music's past and highlighting three visionaries of its future

My Lovely Boxer


A sports K-Drama that pulls the horrors behind the industry to the forefront

Love, Sex and 30 Candles (2023)


A standard, yet spicier, grown-up coming-of-age good enough for a girls' night in

I Love You, and It Hurts


A teen romance jam-packed with social issues and cringey musical numbers

Miguel Wants to Fight (2023)


A sparkling teen comedy that never finds a theme or conflict to hold on to

Guns & Gulaabs


A crime comedy that combines killers, cartels, and romance with the nostalgia of the 90s

Mask Girl


To desire and be desired always has a price in this thrilling Korean dark comedy

A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case (2023)



A documentary that skillfully pieces together the tragedy and public spectacle of a young child's death

Millennial Hunter (2023)


A bizarre attempt at comedy, satire, and stretching a TikTok skit to 70 minutes

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