Samsara 2011, 2012 / Available On Streaming Rental or Purchase


In the grand tradition of the ethnographic world tours like Mondo Cane, Samsara hits you in the face with the diversity and wonder of human life on earth. Unlike many of its predecessors, which often descended into colonialist gawping, Samara maintains a non judgmental gaze. This film uses no words or narration to travel the world showing you the breathtaking beauty of various countries, cultures, religions, cities, industries and nature. Shot on 70mm film, the definition and clarity has to be seen to be believed.


    One of the most incredible documentaries I have ever seen! It is different, it has an very special atmosphere and says so much without a single word... It takes you on a journey around the world with beautiful, original shots. It is definitely an experience I would recommend! 0 people liked this review.

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