Sleeping Dog

Sleeping Dog

A solid mystery thriller filled with subtle yet potent commentary on race, immigration, and more in Berlin


TV Show

Crime, Drama, Mystery
Antonio Wannek, Bernd Hölscher, Carlo Ljubek
55 min


High-tension, high stakes, and the mystery of how anyone gets any work done if they're always conspiring

What it's about

A former police detective and a rookie prosecutor uncover a sinister conspiracy while investigating a supposedly solved murder case.

The take

Mike Atlas is a former police detective now living on the streets as he reopens a supposedly solved murder case with a rookie prosecutor living in her mother's shadow. As they dig deeper, they uncover a sinister conspiracy that reaches deep into the core of the police and justice system. The series is well-acted, with Max Riemelt giving an outstanding performance of a troubled detective suffering from trauma, guilt, and regret. Now homeless, with gaps in his memories, Atlas uses his dormant detective skills to discover the truth from eight months ago and protect his now-estranged family. There's never a dull moment as mysteries unfold from multiple angles and pieces fall into place as theories fall apart. Sleeping Dog is an addictive guessing game until the end.

What stands out

The initial premise of Sleeping Dog felt like a predictable redemption arc for a disgraced detective. Instead, it does not shy away from the context of Berlin's socio-economic landscape. Through micro-aggressions against a young Black rookie cop, the harsh realities of poverty and homelessness, negative sentiments against immigrants, body-image issues, and the deadly consequences of being gay, Sleeping Dog's characters feel grounded. No character feels wasted or one-dimensional. The attention to detail is impressive and, for a 6-episode limited series, makes the mystery more engaging.


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