The Hunt for Veerappan

The Hunt for Veerappan



An extensive recollection of the life and crimes of a notorious criminal


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Crime, Documentary

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I get the appeal of true crime, but how are so many of us watching these in ONE SITTING?

What it's about

The series explores the life and crimes of the Indian bandit and terrorist Veerappan, as well as the efforts of the police to bring him to justice and the complex relationship Veerappan shared with the people of the forests he inhabited.

The take

From poaching elephants and smuggling sandalwood to killing people in the most ruthless manner possible, Koose Munisamy Veerappan's crimes are manifold, and they engulfed all of Southern India. The first half of this four-part series chronicles his early life and the escalation of his criminal affairs through talking heads and archival footage. The documentary balances the perspective of the authorities with that of Veerappan's gang in interesting ways; where officials saw him as cunning, people close to him, like his wife Muthulakshmi, praised his desire to create wealth for his people, regardless of caste. By the end of the pilot, you’re sure to be at the edge of your seat as the series raises the stakes and promises to be as challenging and compelling as the first episode.

What stands out

Muthulakshmi's perspective undoubtedly ties the entire narrative together. As Veerappan's wife and the mother of his children, the exceptional beauty is no doubt a conduit for Veerappan's reasonings. Not only does she have great insight, but she’s also perpetually dealing with the consequences of his actions. Like many others, she acknowledges his cruelty but sees it as an extension of his ethos. And there, in her recollections, lies a glimmer of the man's legacy and public perception.

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