Take this Waltz (2012)

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Take this Waltz is a movie that wants you to have a problem with it. It’s about a woman (Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine) torn between her husband (played by Seth Rogan) and a new man who entered her life. It’s an emotional and honest account as well as a mature slice-of-life film that you will appreciate either if you are familiar with a similar situation in real life, or if you give the film a chance, which I recommend you do.

Review by Jim.

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Phil O.
Phil O.

My SO and I watched this a few years ago and I vowed to never watch it again. That’s not to say it isn’t a good movie. It is a great movie. It does a great job of capturing the heartache and pain that sometimes accompanies relationships and it stays with me to this day. When Take This Waltz finds its way across my brain I feel the same emotions that came up that made me vow to never watch it again. On a side note…don’t pass up the chance to see Seth Rogen in a serious drama.


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