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Under the Sun 2015


When Russian director Vitaly Mansky is commissioned by the North Korean government to make a documentary about an average Pyongyang child, he follows their every guideline. Except the end result, Under The Sun, is the complete opposite of what they had intended. For example starting every take earlier than they thought, he makes the documentary about the watchdogs around the child and other mechanisms of propaganda. He uses quiet storytelling to expose how brainwashing in a fascist regime takes place, and how the people caught in it function. May just be the smartest, most important film you can watch on North Korea.

Written By: Staff

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  • Mood

    Instructive, Mind-blowing, Thought-provoking
  • Starring

    Hye-Yong, Lee Zin-Mi, Yu-Yong
  • Directed by

    Vitaly Mansky
  • Written by

    Vitaliy Manskiy
  • Runtime

    105 minutes