Winter Boy (2022)

Winter Boy (2022)

Honoré gets vulnerable in this semi-autobiographical, coming-of-age film about grief



Christophe Honoré, Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lacoste
123 min

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We need a hug after this one.

What it's about

After his dad dies in a car accident, Lucas (Paul Kircher) searches for meaning in a world full of grief.

The take

Dedicated to his father, director Christopher Honoré’s most recent film contemplates the loss of a parent. This endeavor is a deeply personal one. Honoré’s approach acknowledges this– he starts and interjects throughout the whole film with scenes of Lucas confessing his dark emotions. After all, losing one’s father is a difficult theme to talk about, let alone losing one who hasn’t fully expressed their acceptance of your sexuality. It’s easy for Lucas to fall into despair, but Honoré clearly respects the grief of his young protagonist. Even in Lucas’ more risky behavior, the camera is set with a non-judgmental eye. However, Honoré focuses more on hope here. The hope of familial support, of having another tomorrow, and of having a true friend… These are the hopes that await Lucas. These are the promises Honoré makes for those who lost their father.

What stands out

Good casting is a production aspect needed in any film, but a young actor for the role of Lucas would be hard to find. On top of acting with prominent French actress Juliette Binoche, whoever played Lucas had to tackle many aspects. They have to be excellent with dialogue, the same poetic dialogue Honoré is known for. They have to be able to perform Lucas’ more risky behaviors, with actors more experienced than him. With the subject matter, they also have to delve deep into a type of grief more earth-shattering than one’s first rejection present in other LGBTQ+ coming-of-age films. Paul Kircher gamely steps up for the role. Even as a newcomer, he delivers a devastating performance.

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