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The Best Offer 2013


A riveting take on one of the most prestigious forms of modern art, The Best Offer is a film laced with symbolism and thick, posh accents. Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) ends up pursuing a socially inept woman through Robert (Jim Sturgess), who guides him in winning her heart, albeit, rather unconventionally. What starts out as something Oldman brushes off to be some poor laid-out scam ends up a mystery he begins obsessing over, turning his life to shambles of sorts.

This uncanny film by Academy Award-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore delivers sharp twists and appropriately-timed surprises in a suspense-thriller served on a silver platter.

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Had trouble finding it. Eventually found it with the title ‘Deception’.

Brontë Young
Brontë Young

A fantastic pyschological thriller, Geoffrey Rush is one of the finest actors of our time!


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  • Genre

    Drama, Mystery
  • Starring

    Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks
  • Directed by

    Giuseppe Tornatore
  • Written by

    Giuseppe Tornatore
  • Runtime

    130 minutes