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Booksmart 2019 / A timely and quick-witted coming-of-age comedy


If you liked Superbad, you will love Booksmart. It’s a funny coming-of-age movie about two best friends who embark on one last crazy night before their high-school ends. Sounds like something you’ve seen before? Don’t worry, it’s not. This movie might be for fans of smart coming-of-age comedies, but it’s very different from them. It’s current, creating situations and premises for jokes that haven’t been explored before, ranging from taking a Lyft and finding out the driver is their school principal; to mistakenly connecting to his car’s sound system while trying to get educated on how two women have sex. The girls in Booksmart are overachieving, fiercely supportive of each other, and yet in the right context, ready to let go and have fun. In short, their endearing attitude makes this movie not only funny but extremely likely to charm your socks off.


    Can't believe I wasted my time watching this. The movie completely missed reality and was try-hard. Disappointed it was rated 9/10. 1 person liked this review.


    Hilarious, handles some difficult topics very well, and despite being loud and theatrical, pretty true to life. 1 person liked this review.


    Had such a blast watching this, don't expect a true-to-life story but an hilarious ride nonetheless. 0 people liked this review.


    This movie is terrible and not at all based in 'real life'. An amalgamation of Apatow-esque humor, poor character development, and an overindulgence of American politics, it falls flat both as a comedy and coming-of-age film, creating a completely forgettable experience. Watch it and find out for yourself. 0 people liked this review.

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