Breath of Life (2023)

Breath of Life (2023)

A misanthrope finds purpose again in this okay Nigerian film that relies a bit too much on deus ex machina



Nigeria, United States of America
Chimezie Imo, Genoveva Umeh, Wale Ojo
115 min


It relies a bit too much on certain tropes, and voice-over narration, but it’s sort of expected from a film about faith.

What it's about

After losing his family to tragedy, exceptional and gifted clergyman Timi isolates himself, believing that he lost his reason for living, until years later when aspiring priest Elijah walks into his life.

The take

When injustice takes away the ones you love, and when what you relied on abandoned you, it can be hard to open up again. Breath of Life is a story of a man that has gone through this, a man betrayed by both God and the colonial powers that once celebrated his talents, but he finds new purpose when his hired househelp enters his life. While the cast is great, the choice to stick completely in English feels disarming, some of the events that follow go down cliche paths, and the solutions found feel contrary to its intended message. Breath of Life has an interesting point, but the themes don’t mix as well as they could have.

What stands out

It’s surprising that Prime Video’s first collaboration with Nigerian film studio Nemsia Films is faith-focused, and Breath of Life is definitely created with conversion in mind. That being said, the film doesn’t just slap on a message and call it a day. There’s something intriguing about how Timi Johnson is able to succeed in every possible standard the Western world and British colonial powers have thrown at him, until he acts contrary to their wishes to seek justice. The film rightfully acknowledges this, and how this injustice continues to be perpetuated, but the way the film approaches each of the needed solutions goes into well-trodden, melodramatic territory. It could have been a moving contemplation on faith as a response for justice, and it’s certainly a unique one, but execution keeps Breath of Life from truly shining.


I truly enjoyed this movie. Yes, the end. This movie had many layers of faith, sadness and victory!! A must see movie!!

Great movie

Great movie… exceptional

I watched this movie and truly enjoyed every minute of it. This movie is absolutely 💯 percent Academy Award worthy.

A very beautiful movie. Kudos to the team

Love it! Amazing testimony of faith in God. Heart felt. Believers will for sure thoroughly enjoy.

A very beautiful movie🥺❤️👏🏾

5000 ⭐’s Out of 10!!!!!!!!!

Excellent movie! I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to have a chance to see how going against the odds works out especially if the partner is God!

Outstanding great movie
I cried of sigh from such loving movie

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