BRO (2023)

BRO (2023)

An over-the-top Telugu remake that loses its story to spectacle



Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Ketika Sharma, Pawan Kalyan, Priya Prakash Varrier
133 min


Bro… What happened?

What it's about

After dying in a car crash, Markandeyulu (or Mark) meets the divine entity called Time. Mark tries to convince Time to send him back due to his responsibilities, and Time agrees… But only gives him back 3 months to settle his affairs.

The take

Remaking his own 2021 Tamil film, director Samuthirakani presents BRO, a Telugu adaptation that doesn’t compare to its original. The premise itself had proven potential, but instead of understanding Mark’s struggle as a breadwinner who took care of his family after the death of their father, the film offers spectacle in response. The larger-than-life, supernatural scenes could have worked, had the film dedicated them for character development (and a bit more time on the VFX). With the backing of the global giant Netflix, and the critical acclaim towards the original film, it’s a wonder how a film like BRO could end up this way.

What stands out

The film’s breadwinner, head of the house protagonist could have easily won over viewers with his relatable responsibilities, but Mark comes across as too unlikeable and overly dominating. There’s no sequence that presents Mark as someone who succumbs to the pressure of taking care of his family, or to the pressure of living up to his father’s expectations. The script doesn’t delve into the pressures that could have humanized Mark. Instead, we have dramatic set pieces to stand in for emotional progressions in Mark and his relationships with other people. Without this empathetic view, and adding in the most dramatic, poorly generated car crash, the film feels like a missed opportunity.


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