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Bronson 2009


From the director of Drive comes Bronson, the true story of a man who was sentenced to seven years in prison but ends up spending three decades in solitary confinement. Tom Hardy is phenomenal in this dark comedy. His character is so likable and you quickly feel sorry for what he is going through. No one can help him no matter how much he asks for it. Bronson has class, great acting, hilarious comedy, and a true story backing it up. There is nothing not to love about this film.

Written By: Connor

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  • Genre

  • Mood

    Dramatic, Funny, Thrilling, True-story-based
  • Starring

    Kelly Adams, Luing Andrews, Tom Hardy
  • Directed by

    Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Written by

    Brock Norman Brock, Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Runtime

    92 minutes