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A Coffee in Berlin 2012


A black and white movie, A Coffee in Berlin is an early Woody Allen reminiscent film with a great emphasis on the emotions it handles.  It flows naturally, telling the story of Niko, a young college dropout in a period of his life where he has to face loneliness and lack of money and success. He goes from observing the people of Berlin to first realizing he is becoming a stranger to them and then lastly deciding to do something about his life. It’s a whimsical German film with a lot of heart, as much of a tribute to youth as it is a tribute to the city of Berlin.

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This leaves me an impression that something so obvious could be so unobvious.


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  • Genre

    Comedy, Drama
  • Starring

    Justus von Dohnányi, Katharina Schüttler, Tom Schilling
  • Directed by

    Jan-Ole Gerster
  • Written by

    Jan Ole Gerster