Destroy All Neighbors (2024)

Destroy All Neighbors (2024)

A musician literally faces his creative demons as he tries to finish his long-gestating prog-rock album



United States of America
Comedy, Horror, Music
Alex Winter, Chase Kim, Christian Calloway
86 min


This is further proof that you should never, under any circumstances, get on a nonconfrontational introvert’s last nerve.

What it's about

William Brown (Jonah Ray) has been working on the same prog-rock album for years now, but he can’t seem to finish his work because of a multitude of reasons, not least of which are his demanding workload and annoying neighbors.

The take

It’s easy to classify Destroy All Neighbors as B-movie schlock; it unabashedly pays tribute to the low-budget comedy horror movies that pervaded the ‘80s. But it also feels too good for that. Elevated by funny bits, easy chemistry, solid production design, and a lightweight but easygoing script, Destroy All Neighbors never really wastes your time. It may confuse and drag at times, but there’s always an element that delights. As the straight man anchoring all the absurdity and gore surrounding him, Ray is also surprisingly likable. He connects easily to the colorful ensemble of characters in the film. 

Destroy All Neighbors is stylish, trippy, nonsensical, and quite commendable in its creativity (the practical effects and prosthetics are the highlight). In all, it’s harmless good fun, just beware of the overflowing blood and guts! 

What stands out

The analog feel of the whole film. From the neon lights and prosthetics to the lo-fi production and prog-rock sound that ties everything together, this is one of the more impressive entries in that genre of movies that feels like it’s genuinely from a different era. 


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