Familia (2023)

Familia (2023)

A tense and confrontational family gathering in an idyllic Mexican olive ranch



Ángeles Cruz, Brian Shortall, Cassandra Ciangherotti
106 min


This isn’t going to be for everyone, especially for people who dislike films centered around conversations. But it’s great if you do like this genre of family dramas.

What it's about

After being given a generous offer for their family’s olive ranch, Leo gathers his adult children to decide on the fate of the family business.

The take

Family is one of the bonds we don’t really get to choose, and for better or for worse, they’re the bonds that form the foundation of our lives. Familia depicts this bond faithfully, as Leo’s remaining family, his three adult daughters, all travel back to the family’s olive orchard to decide on its fate. The way the bond is depicted feels realistic, as each of the family members can confront each other with their choices in the one time of the year they can do so. The film is able to make it work with its excellent cast, and carefully written dialogue that makes the conversation flow naturally. While Familia isn’t a holiday film, it’s a fairly realistic depiction of a family gathering and a timely film to watch before heading home to your family for the holidays.

What stands out

Family gatherings on screen are often fraught with tension, since every decision each member makes can affect the entire family. Famila centers most of the plot in one of these gatherings, and this choice traps the characters, and the viewers, in that dining area– the same way plenty of family gatherings feel. This choice works, especially with the strong performance of the cast and the careful way each information is revealed about the family, including what they’re currently doing, what they try to infer from other members of the family, and what they feel about the family as a whole. This does make most of the plot having to rely on dialogue, being more tell than show, but the film’s execution mirrors that real life experience in such a real way.


Very good movie!

the japanese movie is better

Well written, good acting, and fine editing. Loved it!


I LOVED this movie. One of my new “faves” on Netflix. It brought back memories of my own big, ethnic family gatherings – our huge, endless meals together, the complications of love and loss. You won’t be disappointed!

Enjoyed the film enormously!
The cast did their part extremely well

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