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Fireworks Wednesday 2007 / Farhadi's Original Star-Making Moment


Another dramatic masterpiece from Asghar Farhadi who would later go on to direct the Oscar-winning A Separation. In his usual territory of capturing family turmoil and dismissing politics to focus on the human and social intricacies of his culture, this story is about a wife who suspects her husband is cheating on her with their neighbor, a beautician. To confirm her suspicions, she sends her maid, a woman who’s about to get married to investigate. But this woman’s involvement in the couple’s turmoil ends up causing more burden and complicating the situation even more. All of this is a drive towards Chaharshanbe Suri, a holiday in Iran celebrated with dangerous fireworks. This event contributes to the explosive ending of this incredibly well-acted and thought-provoking movie.

Written By: Staff

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  • Genre

  • Mood

    Character-driven, Dramatic, Emotional, Intense, Thought-provoking, Well-acted
  • Starring

    Hamid Farokhnezhad, Hediyeh Tehrani, Taraneh Alidoosti
  • Directed by

    Asghar Farhadi
  • Written by

    Asghar Farhadi, Mani Haghighi
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