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Curated Tubitv Suggestions is an alternative to Tubitv's algorithms. Instead of recommending titles Tubitv spent money on, this page only has quality movies and shows. That means a viewer score of at least 7/10 (on IMDb for example) and a critic score of at least 70% (on Rotten Tomatoes).

Very Best

A Call me By Your Name without the privilege, pretentiousness or wealth, and it’s probably a better movie because of it. God’s Own Country tells the story of Johnny, a kid from the Yorkshire countryside and underclass. The family’s workload and responsibility fell on his shoulders after his father suffered from a stroke, which drove him further into loneliness and alienation. Upon meeting a Romanian farmer, his ideas of loneliness, sex, and intimacy are confronted with change. A beautiful and beautifully humane film, and an unbelievable debut by British director Francis Lee.

Very Best