Happy Ending (2023)

Happy Ending (2023)

A romance on the orgasm gap that fails to reach its climax



Comedy, Drama, Romance
Claire Bender, Gaite Jansen, Joy Delima
93 min


Mild spoilers: The film does have a happy ending, but it's not an ending I’m happy with.

What it's about

Nearing their one year anniversary, Luna still fakes her orgasms with Mink. Wanting to spice up their sex life, they decide to have a threesome, which starts to mess with their relationship.

The take

The Dutch Netflix film Happy Ending means well, but its insistence on the heterosexual relationship limits the film’s potential. Centered on the concept of the orgasm gap, it’s understandable to see the main character Luna have difficulty in expressing this to her partner Mink, however, the film doesn’t fully explore their relationship, or even the reasons behind Luna’s hesitation. Because of this, it’s hard to root for their relationship, especially when the third of their threesome Eve proves to be able to rise to the challenge of Luna’s orgasm. Without spoiling too much, the end result feels as unsatisfying as the main relationship.

What stands out

Happy Ending depicts a relationship that doesn't have open communication when it comes to sex. For this relationship, there's a hope here that the reason behind the miscommunication would be resolved, or at least, that there are other deeper reasons to stick together as they work things out. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Aside from Mink repeatedly interrupting Luna, there's no other reason Luna finds it difficult to talk about sex with Mink. She doesn't seem repressed or ashamed of it, as she's comfortable with talking about it with her friends. She also doesn't have the self-consciousness some women do that prevents them from reaching orgasm, period. She doesn’t find it unimportant. With this in mind, it’s easy to question why they're together in the first place. Why should we root for their relationship, when Eve is right there?


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