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If you spent any significant time on social media this year, you won’t have been able to avoid hearing about the eight-day-long trial revolving around a ski crash in which actor and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow was involved. The trial played out via Tiktok livestreams and Twitter memes for its duration; with a reported 30 million people tuning in online, it was one of the defining and most intense social media events of 2023.

But this hour-long documentary isn’t interested in grappling with the uneasy phenomenon of live-streamed celebrity trials that has sprung up in recent years — instead, it’s designed to feed the same urge. Though it preserves some integrity by not engaging in the kind of wild speculation that raged in livestream chat boxes during the trial, it can’t disguise the fact that it wants to be fodder for exactly that. If all you want to do is relive the he-said-she-said tension of the courtroom — with the added input of legal commentators and one member of the jury — this will do just fine, but its reluctance to really engage with their contributions renders it all a bit pointless. What’s more, arriving 9 months after the original trial means such a throwaway doc might already have surpassed its shelf life.

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