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Madadayo (1993)

Madadayo (1993)
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Even if you aren’t familiar with Akira Kurosawa classics like Rashomon and Seven Samurai, Madadayo works as a portrait of a great man who seemed to feel nothing at the end of his career other than gratitude. Made up of long, wholesome conversations between real-life Japanese academic Hyakken Uchida (Tatsuo Matsumura) and his former students, the film finds plenty of wisdom in observing the little things. And as hard as his students try to make sure Uchida’s twilight years are as comfortable as possible, there’s still something elusive about this man overwhelmed by all the good and bad fortune in his life.

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Is Madadayo (1993) available on netflix

No Madadayo (1993) is not currently streaming on netflix

Is Madadayo (1993) available on amazon prime
amazon prime

No Madadayo (1993) is not currently streaming on amazon prime

Is Madadayo (1993) available on hulu

No Madadayo (1993) is not currently streaming on hulu

Is Madadayo (1993) available on paramount plus
paramount plus

No Madadayo (1993) is not currently streaming on paramount plus

Is Madadayo (1993) available on disneyplus

No Madadayo (1993) is not currently streaming on disneyplus

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