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Togo (2019)

Togo (2019)
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Togo may be set in a cold Alaskan town, but the story it tells is nothing short of heartwarming. It follows a pup who starts out as an unwanted underdog but who quickly becomes a beloved leader thanks to his tenacity, pluck, and undeniable charm. Watching Togo onscreen, whether as a puppy escaping his cage or as a senior leaping through sea ice, is a marvelous sight to behold, not least because of the sans-CGI direction.  

And like many a dog tale, Togo is a sure tearjerker, but unlike most of them, this specific story never feels exploitative. Togo is given a proper backstory and sufficient characterization, a refreshing focus that makes every emotional curveball well-earned. Watch this and you’ll never take a day with your pet for granted again.

1. You can watch Togo (2019) on DISNEY+

 $7.99 per month
Device availability:
 Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, PlayStation, Roku, Shareplay supported, Xbox

Disney Plus is a streaming on-demand service owned by the Walt Disney Company available in 59 countries at the time of writing. 

Pricing starts at $8 a month in the US, while plans differ from region to region. New theatrical releases cost up to $30 in addition to the subscription fee.  

Disney Plus can be accessed via a full range of services including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One and is compatible across Apple and PC computers, and Android and Apple phones and tablets. 

Is Togo (2019) available on netflix

No Togo (2019) is not currently streaming on netflix

Is Togo (2019) available on amazon prime
amazon prime

No Togo (2019) is not currently streaming on amazon prime

Is Togo (2019) available on hulu

No Togo (2019) is not currently streaming on hulu

Is Togo (2019) available on paramount plus
paramount plus

No Togo (2019) is not currently streaming on paramount plus

Is Togo (2019) available on disneyplus

Yes Togo (2019) is available on disneyplus. You can watch it here

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