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Trying is a realistic but charming take on couples venturing to build a life and stable future for themselves. Heavy themes are tackled here, like infertility, infidelity, and parenthood, but the immensely likable couple that is Nikki and Jase guide us through the murky ups and downs of them all. Their heart and humor aren’t just comforting to watch, they’re also inspiring in a TV age obsessed with heavy dramatics. Like Ted Lasso, Abbott Elementary, and other well-meaning shows like it, Trying is a bit of lighthearted fare that we’d do well to indulge in every now and then.

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 $4.99 per month
Free Trial:
 7 days
Device availability:
 Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Roku TV, Samsung TV
Apple TV+ launched in 2019 but, due to its lack of a competitive catalog, it failed to keep up with other streaming services. In a bid to stay in the game, in mid-2020 Apple reportedly began a more aggressive push to license older TV series and movies from third-party providers.

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