Incendies (2011)

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A movie which will catch you from the first second, with one of the best movie beginnings of all time, up until its outstanding end. It is a slow-burning and calm film with nonetheless a very powerful impact. Incendies is guaranteed to be one of those movies you will never forget.

The story is about Jeanne and Simon who, to fulfill their mother’s last wishes, must journey to her birthplace in an unnamed Middle-Eastern country. There they discover her tragic and sad past life, and unveil a deeply disturbing secret which will change their lives forever. The movie contains a series of flashbacks telling the story of the mother, Nawal Marwan, while the rest is from the viewpoint of her children.

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Jesus Christ, this movie. Just shut up, sit there, and watch this movie. Then ponder about what you have just seen. 5/5

Pat Mockler
Pat Mockler

Fabulous. Riveting. Introspective. A film that points out that we never really know our parents. That people can live many lifetimes. That humans can be strong beyond strength.