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Laurence Anyways 2012 / Now On Amazon Prime

Best Film

This is a gorgeous French-Canadian movie with out-of-this-world sound work.

Laurence is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Fred. On his birthday, he announces to her that he wants to restart his life as a woman, having always hated his male body. Fred doesn’t know how to take the news: “everything I love about you is everything you hate about yourself”.

Laurence Anyways is about how their romance continues after this revelation. There are so many reasons to watch this movie: the story, the acting, the cinematography; but trust me, the soundtrack alone is reason enough.

Written By: Staff

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What a beautiful movie. Took a but too long to end. Other than that, well executed all around.

Summer P
Summer P

While not terrible the movie is too long and is somewhat anticlimatic. I personally found Lawrence to be annoying at the end given that his transformation ended up not being as radical as the movie had set it up to be by modern standards. I much preferred Mommy and I killed my mother!


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    Emmanuel Schwartz, Melvil Poupaud, Suzanne Clément
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    Xavier Dolan
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    Xavier Dolan
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