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Perfetti sconosciuti 2016


This is a movie with which you can easily connect. I have never experienced such deep connection and feelings towards characters. Seven friends get together for a dinner, and they decide to share every text message, email, and phone call they receive. The difference we all have to some degree between our public selves and private lives is the same one that comes out and threatens the balance between these long time friends.
The film may feel a bit claustrophobic for some but that same feeling allows you to laugh, to shiver, and to even feel the deepest sorrow alongside the characters. For me this is a must watch.

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Neha Ganvir
Neha Ganvir

I loved the movie, it kept me on my toes the entire time. But I feel like only Eva got a do over, not anyone else, this seemed a. Little unfair, although she was the only one to lose her phone OR maybe the entire story was her narrative but then the director threw us off guard by starting the story from someone else’s home. This is intentional or not, i am not sure, but i liked this way of narration.


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  • Genre

    Comedy, Drama
  • Starring

    Anna Foglietta, Giuseppe Battiston, Marco Giallini
  • Directed by

    Paolo Genovese
  • Written by

    Filippo Bologna, Paolo Costella