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Questions and answers!

What is it?

We offer subscriptions that allow you to access subscriber-only advantages on your account.

How much does it cost?

A premium subscription is $5 a month, or for a limited time $2 a month when you buy for a year - a 60% discount!

What do I get?

A large catalog of subscriber-only suggestions, subscriber-only features, and that warm fuzz feeling that comes from supporting a boutique media operation. We’re 100% independent, supported only by readers and public grants.

Do I need an account to access my subscriber benefits?

Yes, but creating one is super quick and easy.

Where do I find the subscriber-only recommendations?

Once you’re subscribed and logged in, an easy way to find the Hidden Gems is by sorting by "Top" on any view.

I see that I am subscribed on the website, but I’m not getting any newsletter e-mails.

Website subscriptions (through Stripe) don’t register you for our Substack newsletter The Watch. If you subscribed through the website, you won’t be registered for the newsletter.


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