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I Saw the Devil 2010


I Saw the Devil is a South Korean psychological thriller/horror film. IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!! It has a lot of blood and gore that could make even the strongest stomachs turn. A young woman is kidnapped from her car while waiting for a tow truck and the kidnapper murders her far from her car and scatters her body parts around. Her fianc√©, a secret service agent of the National Intelligence Service,¬†sets out to track down her murders and extract his revenge. If you’re looking for a thrill ride, look no further- but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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The 345 Critic
The 345 Critic

I like watching movies of the ‘horror’ genre to get spooked. I don’t really care about the blood and gore stuff like “SAW” and that type in general. So, I watched this knowing that I’m not into that stuff and had the bar set pretty low. OMG was I happy I watched this movie. The run-time is long but holy crap was it worth it. The sub-genre ‘Psychological’ hits the nail on the head! I thought about that movie for days after I saw it. The main bad guy is just plain out there batshit crazy! The only con to… Read more »


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  • Genre

    Horror, Mystery
  • Starring

    Byung-hun Lee, Ho-jin Chun, Min-sik Choi
  • Directed by

    Kim Jee-woon
  • Written by

    Hoon-jung Park, Jee-woon Kim