Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch

A wacky K-drama whose unique powers lead to comedic shenanigans


TV Show

South Korea
Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Han Ji-min, Joo Min-kyung, Jung Yi-rang
65 min

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Well. I did NOT expect this silly series to make me cry about my non-existent pet dog.

What it's about

After being demoted from a Seoul violent crimes team, Moon Jang-yeol moves to the small town of Mujin, where he meets Bong Ye-bun, a veterinarian who happens to possess paranormal psychometry abilities. They team up to solve the town’s crimes.

The take

When the psychometric powers of the main character are only activated when she touches a butt, you know that Behind Your Touch will be as silly and hilarious as the show’s powers. The K-drama gets into ridiculous moments, oftentimes inspired by other dramas from the action, horror, and romance genres, but done in exaggeration for comedic effect. And the cast really gets into the action, with Han Ji-min and Lee Min-ki’s excellent chemistry and timing able to deliver the jokes written by the team. As the first season will end soon, it’s hard to say if the ending will be as good as its start, but so far, Behind Your Touch takes interesting comedic twists of the K-Drama tropes we all know and love.

What stands out

Behind Your Touch has such a silly premise, and the series isn’t afraid to lean into the wacky side of its story through its images. Doodle-like animation is drawn onto the series’ first montage to quickly portray Bong’s feelings about what she’s explaining. And when Kim Seon-woo enters the series, Bong’s immediate crush is marked by dialed-up, almost heavenly lighting that’s often used to introduce a male lead. Even Bong’s psychometric powers are depicted in a unique way, as each vision is styled with early grainy digital lines across old black-and-white film frames. These techniques honor previous cinematography tropes, but the way these techniques are used make the series so fun and exciting.

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