Killer Coaster

Killer Coaster

A charming cast and farcical fun save this otherwise predictable murder mystery


TV Show

Action & Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Alex Lutz, Alexandra Lamy, Audrey Lamy
30 min


Sometimes, all you need is a fun little trio to keep you glued to the screen.

What it's about

In 1998, in the seaside town of Palavas-les-Flots, France, a carnival draws a wannabe detective’s attention when one of its rides, the Ghost Train Killer, becomes the hunting ground of a mysterious killer.

The take

A murder mystery with an absurdist comedic bent, Killer Coaster initially comes off as too much. It struggles to juggle different genres and poses many questions it doesn’t immediately answer. There are also too many elements—including warring families, star-crossed lovers, secret identities, and complicated pasts—that make the mystery of the Ghost Train Killer seem incidental, even though it is the show’s throughline, the main event that kickstarts the entire thing. But it’s easy to forgive all this whenever Alexandra Lamy does her magic onscreen. As the well-meaning but clumsy police officer Sandrine, Lamy is likable and hilarious, a clown with just enough heart to pull you into her antics. She soars even more when paired with real-life sister Audrey Lamy, who plays the carnival owner Yvanne—also good-hearted but even slower (and at times funnier) than Sandrine. Together, their amusing weirdness saves the show from loose ends and uneven tones. 

What stands out

Alexandra Lamy’s daughter, Chloé Jouannet, completes the show’s investigative trio as Carmen, a rival carnie who is eventually entangled in the crime. The Killer Coaster stands out for its humor, but sometimes it’s upstaged by the fact the show is largely a family affair. In every other scene, there is a quip being made about how Sandrine and Yvanne look nothing alike, despite being cousins in the show, and though it’s an easy shot, it never fails to warrant a smile from those of us who are in on the joke. 


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