Love After Music

Love After Music

A fascinating biopic mini-series about the Argentine rockstar Fito Páez


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Gaspar Offenhenden, Iván Hochman, Micaela Riera

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Sometimes the flashbacks can be distracting, but these make the series feel personal, even for people who aren't fans of the singer.

What it's about

In the late 1970s, Argentina’s military dictatorship hunted down possible dissidents, including rock musicians, who were considered the voice of a resistance. Despite the danger, a young Fito Páez dreams of becoming a musician, much to the disapproval of his father.

The take

Like the biopics of other musicians, Love After Music tracks the life of Argentine rock-and-roll musician Fito Páez. From his beginnings as a band keyboardist in 1977 to his 1993 solo concert for UNICEF, the mini-series delves into the themes and inspiration that drive his work through eight episodes. As Páez performs, the series flips between the song being sung and related flashbacks from Páez’s life, implying how Páez feels through images instead of dialogue. This approach can feel confusing at times, but it makes this account of his life a more personal and experiential biopic. Fans of the Latin Grammy Lifetime Awardee would most likely enjoy this series, however, for audiences unfamiliar with the singer, like myself, it’s still an interesting series to watch.

What stands out

Love After Music is a biopic mini-series that follows many of the genre’s tropes. In this show, there’s the disapproving parent, the bandmates and managers to win the approval of, and the love interest that becomes their muse. However, what makes this series unique is how well it links Páez’s personal events with the sociocultural experience of Argentina in the eighties. Of course, this includes the music. Present in the series is music from Páez himself, but the soundtrack also includes songs from big names in the Argentine music scene, such as Sui Generis and fellow bandmate Charly Garcia. However, the show’s plot points also take note of the experience of being a musician under a military dictatorship. Performing for a gig could mean getting arrested that very night, which Páez gets off easily just because of his age. Details like these help the viewer immerse themselves in the history, and makes the show a more compelling watch.

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