Miraculous Brothers

Miraculous Brothers

A mystery K-drama solved through a compelling manuscript, empath abilities and found family


TV Show

South Korea
Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Bae Hyeon-seong, Jung Woo, Lee Ki-woo
65 min


This is why plagiarism is a bad idea.

What it's about

After their car crash, debt-ridden writer Yuk Dong-joo brings an unidentified boy to the hospital. Waking up from death, this boy has unexplained empath and teleportation abilities, which lead both of them to investigate a 1995 cold case.

The take

In their ninth drama collaboration, director Park Chan-hong and writer Kim Ji-woo partner again to deliver a murder mystery in Miraculous Brothers. The first few episodes juggle multiple plotlines between the novelist, the amnesiac boy he crashes into, and the serial murders, and at first, it seems unclear what links all of them. However, as the series successfully maintains its suspense for the two driving mysteries, it also makes it easy to root for the main characters – the superpowered empath and the reluctant writer – as they seek justice for crimes committed long before. The series shines best when the two become closer, and when the developing dynamic pushes Yuk Dong-joo closer to admitting the truth.

What stands out

The empath superpower has been seen in superhero franchises like Marvel and DC, though rarely does it lead to a murder mystery. The show treats the unidentified boy’s powers the same way it’s been previously portrayed – with his amnesia, the power is uncontrollable, painful, and can harm others. He feels the pain other people feel, but he also happens to be the sort of person who wants to stop that pain. In a world where crimes go unreported, the power of the unidentified boy, as he can see thoughts, memories, and feelings, would be so useful in solving cases. It's a fantasy to be able to have your pain caused by injustice fully understood by another person, and it makes this power fitting for a show all about actions and consequences.


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