My Daemon

My Daemon

A kid and his cute monster journey across a post-apocalyptic world in this Thai-Japanese sci-fi fantasy series


TV Show

Japan, Thailand
Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Ayane Sakura, Fumiko Orikasa, Jouji Nakata


It’s fairly gory, which explains the 16+ rating, but some of these creepy creatures look so cute, it’s surprising it isn’t any lower.

What it's about

After a nuclear explosion causes the world to collide with Hell, strange creatures called daemons roam, hunted down by bounty hunters and possibly spreading daemonium particles that affect people’s lifespans. Kind-hearted elementary student Kento is infected, but he decides to raise a cute, small daemon he names as Anna, as they set out on a journey to save his mother.

The take

You know how How to Train Your Dragon has a town terrified of dragons, but it turns out they’re actually cute? My Daemon has a similar situation, except this happens after a nuclear explosion, plenty of these monsters are still murderously terrifying, and even the cute ones are fairly creepy. But that doesn’t keep elementary schoolkid Kento Tachibana from adopting one, even as they get hunted down by bounty hunters. The bond between boy and his daemon is a heartwarming one, but the treatment between the various monsters questions the different ways we treat different animals, and whether or not we can successfully live alongside them. With its unique art style, it’s a totally stunning adventure, though with some creepy crawlies along the way.

What stands out

My Daemon has a familiar premise, since Japanese anime is no stranger to strange creatures. However, while the work is written and voiced by Japanese artists, the series is animated by Thai animator Igloo Studio, who previously created 3D animated The Legend of Muay Thai: 9 Satra. Because of this, My Daemon doesn’t look like a regular anime at all– Igloo’s 3D animation is mixed with familiar detailed 2D backgrounds we’ve seen in post-apocalyptic anime, while the 3D character designs lean more on the 2D side with its highlights and shadows. And certain choices look great, especially Anna’s weird multi-eye piglet-dog cross design that straddles the right amount of eerie and totally cute. It makes for a unique art style that’s great for its story.


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