The Chosen One

The Chosen One


A stifling comic adaptation that couldn't get the beauty of Mexico to liven up the originally American-set story


TV Show

Mexico, United Kingdom
English, Spanish
Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Bobby Luhnow, Carlos Bardem, Dianna Agron


The new setting gives it a visual flair and richness, but unfortunately, it still feels like an American comic set in America.

What it's about

The Chosen One is a Mexican supernatural action series about a young boy who discovers he is the second coming of Jesus Christ and must use his newfound powers to save humanity from an ancient evil.

The take

Based on Mark Miller and Peter Gross' graphic novel American Jesus, The Chosen One opens with a tedious build-up and a predictable plot. The possibilities are endless when you have a superpowered Christ-like boy as a protagonist, but in four of the six episodes watched, the pacing only manages to come up with a myriad of miracles, a teenage love triangle, and strange voices in the wind. Even more potential is lost as side stories begin and never end, giving side characters backstories that only resurface to contextualize Jodie's story. The worst of these is when one of Jodie's spiritual possessions overshadows Tuka (the only native in his friend group), who is protesting the mistreatment of the Yaqui tribe. And although the Mexican setting and the secrets behind Jodie's powers were initially exciting, the show ends up feeling as narrow as its 4:3 ratio.

What stands out

Despite getting the short end of the stick, Jodie's friends are the backbone of the show. The friendship between Jodie, Wagner, Tuka, Hipólito, and Magda is volatile yet loyal as their aggressive mood swings and reckless behaviour take up most of the screen time, becoming the most memorable scenes by default. But to their credit, these young new actors (Bobby Luhnow, Alberto Pérez-Jácome Kenna, Fernando González Anguamea, Jorge Javier Arballo Osornio, Lilith Amelie Siordia Mejia) give mature and compelling performances that deserve to be used in a better project.


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